Saturday, April 28, 2012

My 2 year Princess....

My baby is almost reaching 2 years old... Now's She's a grown up....Words of her own come out from her cute little mouth..I hope that she will be good gurl bila dah besar....
Me and my Aira

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A day of Underwriting Management class

Today, my babygurl Aira had been such a good gurl during my class. She only do her own things without giving me any hassle in taking care of her.... Wearing the premium beautiful also gives the the advantage to be a SUPERMOM (working+studying+taking care of my baby)...Why do u have to wait....wearing it NOW!! before it's too late.. It can give you so many benefits when you wear me.... Wear it, then you'll believe me...Call me if you want to know further about Premium Beautiful...019-3798865--Nina

Now back to my dear Aira...She's such a good gurl..Listening to what ever my lecturer have to say....Listen quietly to the whatever taught in that class...

Then, when she's tired wandering around the room and playing by herself, she went to sleep.

After a while, she got up and continue her "journey" in the class.. She found "toy" to play which is my make up bag....She took the compact powder and tried to apply on her cute cute...

Thank you Aira shayang for being such a good gurl while mama is studying in order to change our life...I love you soooo much...muahx......

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Zaara.....

Happy birthday Zaara Sofea ....U are one year old now...U are born on February 15,2011....Hope you'll be a good daughter to your mummy and daddy...Love you from Mama, Papa & Kakak Aira

From a cute baby to a gorgeous gurl....

Friday, January 20, 2012

Premium Beautiful..

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

I'm back...'

It's been long time since i last post in this blog......It's been a while since i'm busy with my 1 yr old baby....She's a big gurl now...It's been fun seeing her giggles and crawling here and there....

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hari nie mulakan mingguku bekerja setelah beberapa hari menjaga Aira kat hospital. Hatiku terganggu nak wat keje nie. Risaukan aira kat hospital tuh. Nasib baik suamiku dapat menggantikan diriku untuk menjaga dia. Thanx sayang sebab dapat jaga Aira hari ni. Kerja ku sangat banyak hari nie memandangkan beberapa hari dah tak datang keje. Tapi hatiku dan fikiranku melayang mengenangkan Aira jer.....Tadi telefon dia pon terdengar bebelan dia diselitkan dengan bunyi batuk dia yang berkahak tuh.Kesiannya anak mama sorang nie. Kecik-kecik lagi dah sakit macam nie. Sedey rasanya. Tapi aku bersyukur kerana tuhan mengurniakan seorang anak yang bijak dan ceria. Semoga Allah S.W.T akan menyembuhkan dia dan hindarkan dia dari sebarang penyakit. Amin...